Anti-Israel “peace” activists storm Jewish farm and provoke families

by Leah Rosenberg

Look at these anti-Israel “peace” activists who tried to cause harm to Jewish farmland and innocent Jewish families. The media will never show this to you!

Anti-Israel “Peace” Activists

They claim they stand for human rights. They claim they are peaceful. But when anti-Israel “peace” activists storm the property of others and try to wreak havoc and cause damage, there is nothing peaceful about that. When they are yelling “Free Palestine” and provoking people who are just trying to cultivate the land of Israel, there is nothing peaceful about that. And when they incite violence, there is nothing peaceful about that. These activists are trying to rid the Jewish state of the Jewish people. They want to support a “Palestinian” state? Do these “peace” activists even know what that means? They are supporting terrorism and violence!

Farms in Judea and Samaria

Sadly, this is not the first attack of its kind. Anti-Israel organizations have gone to many Jewish farms throughout Judea and Samaria with one goal in mind: Destruction. They do not care about the innocent people and families living in those areas. They do not care what kind of injuries or harm they cause.

And what is even more frustrating is that the media never covers these stories! They never tell you about the REAL violence that takes place in Israel; the violence caused by ignorant and antisemitic “peace” activists. The media is just siding with violence, and it is horrendous!

Dr. Risch

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