Answers to Questions about Israel You’ve Been Dying to Know

by Leah Rosenberg

The world has questions about Israel. Well, here are some answers. Let the anti-Zionists know the truth about the only Jewish state.

Questions About Israel

If you wanted to know why America (and the world) should support Israel, here are some of the reasons why. When people ask questions about Israel, they need to be willing to listen to the answers. They need to be willing to accept the truth.

Sadly, so much of the world questions Israel’s very existence. They wonder why America is supporting Israel. Some don’t care about the answers. They hate the Jewish people and the Jewish state, and they don’t want to hear the facts because they just don’t care. Others are just uneducated. Some people just believe everything they hear about Israel and don’t realize that it’s false. We must teach the truth about the one and only Jewish state in the world. We must educate people with the facts. There have been those who completely changed their views about Israel once they realized the truth.

This is a matter of standing on the right side of history or standing on the completely wrong side. It is not a question of which sports team you prefer and why you think one player is better than the other. There is only one right and one wrong. One side is moral and the other is not. It’s that simple. Israel is a democracy that loves life, and Israel’s enemies love death and terror.

Make sure you choose to stand with the right side.

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