Go into ancient Jerusalem at the City of David summer festival

by Leah Rosenberg

The city of Jerusalem is a place where the past, present, and future meet. And Jerusalem’s history – it is unlike any other city.

City of David Summer Festival

The City of David is rich with history. Jerusalem is filled with archaeological and historic locations from thousands of years ago. Places that date back centuries upon centuries are being unearthed. Ancient times are meshing with modern times. And what a sight it is to see!

The City of David hosts an annual summer festival. What is so unique about this summer festival is that it takes place in famous archaeological locations.

This year’s festival was held at the basin of the Kidron Valley. The Kidron Valley is a valley that separates the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. What a historic location to have such an event!

The event had workshops that allowed people to get a glimpse at what the past was like. Those who participated went into ancient Jerusalem times. And they had fun while doing so. When entertainment blends with history, you know you’re in for a surprise!

Jerusalem’s History

Jerusalem’s history is unique. It is not a history that lives in the past. The history and modern times intertwine with each other. It is so relevant.

And that is why Jerusalem is such a magical place. Anyone can walk the streets that our ancestors walked thousands of years ago. People can pray at the Western Wall in the same exact spot where those who came before us prayed so fervently and where their tears dropped down to the floor.

The Jewish people have so much history in Jerusalem. In fact – thousands of years of it! The claims that Jerusalem does not belong to the Jewish people is absurd. What other nation is holding summer festivals in such historic and archaeological locations?

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