Discover the secrets hidden beneath the Western Wall in 1 minute

by Avi Abelow

The Western Wall tunnels are one of the most unbelievable tours in the whole wide world. They are filled with thousands of years of secrets that are just waiting to be discovered! Do not miss visiting this magical place the next time you visit Israel.

What is the Significance of the Western Wall?

Everyone who visits Jerusalem visits the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. The Western Wall is not the wall of the Temple, but actually the retaining wall of the Temple Mount. The Jewish Temple, the holiest place for the Jewish people was built on top. However, through centuries of occupation by various Muslim rule, Jews were forbidden from ascending the Temple Mount. During all those years, the closest place we could get to was the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Still today, the Muslim WAQF have harsh, discriminating rules against Jews on the Temple Mount.

Congressman on the Temple Mount

Just last week we experienced this humiliation together with some US Congressman, who were detained for bending down and picking up an olive leaf! (As the Congressmen experienced, these Muslim WAQF rules are all about Islam showing dominance and control over all other religions).

It is due to this situation that most Jews still do not go up and visit the Temple Mount, instead they settle for visiting the Western Wall. Hence, it is the most visited place in Israel today since it is the closest place to the Temple Mount.

The Holy Spot One Sees in the Tunnels Tour

In reality though, there is a much holier spot, exactly opposite where the Holy of Holies of the Temple stood. It is easily accesible through the Western Wall tunnels. Today that holy spot is used by people, mainly women, to visit and pray, since it is the closest place a Jew can pray near the Holy of Holies of the Temple.

This video only shows a small part of the unbelievable magical and historic things one can see when walking through the tunnels. Don’t miss visiting this unbelievable place the next time you visit Israel.

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