Ancient coins prove the Roman Empire was wrong about the course of history

by Phil Schneider

The Roman Empire dominated the world stage for a few generations. Their strength seemed so significant that it seemed that they would last for centuries. But instead they gradually fell off the leadership of the world stage. The Jewish people had been dispersed to many countries and seemed like a dried up branch of a big and ancient tree. But their future seemed bleak.

The future was indeed bleak. The Jewish people ended up a tattered, poor and suffering people that traveled from country to country, never truly finding a good place to live for more than a few generations. Jewish people who lived in Arab lands were never 1st class citizens. They endured endless suffering, no matter how much they contributed to building up the countries they were living in. In Europe, first the Jews lived rather freely and happily in Spain for many years, but it all ended with mass expulsions. Jews in France and England did not fare much better. The norms were either pogrom-like attacks, expulsions or both.

The best country for a Jew to be in was probably Poland. It lasted for hundreds of years with relative calm. But, of course, that all ended with the destruction of more than 90% of the Jewish population in the Holocaust. There is only one place in the world where the Jewish people – despite everything – are flourishing, growing, and are reestablishing the basis for the future of the Jewish people – the State of Israel. This City of David special video features one of so many wonderful finds that has sat underground for nearly 2,000 years. You don’t need to believe in the past, you can just hold it right in your hands – in order to see the miraculous rebirth of the Jewish nation in the Land of Israel.

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