Leftwing Creates Anarchy In Jerusalem

by Micha Gefen

While Prime Minister Netanyahu’s handling of the second wave of the coronavirus has come under scrutiny from all sides, the anarchist and leftist protests turned riots appear to have caught most of the public off guard.

These riots are a clear import from America. Their goal is to break apart Israeli society and topple Netanyahu, in hopes that either a leftwing politician comes in or Israel becomes destablized.

To make matters worse, there are rumors that senior members in Likud are looking to topple Netanyahu themselves. Of course, what the protestors and the hidden hand that guides them don’t realize is that whoever takes over after Netanyahu will be far more to his right.

Of course, with new corona cases beginning to slow and rumors of a new election abound, Netanyahu like he has done so many times before may thwart the plans of his enemies who reside on both sides of the Atlantic.

Until then, Israel faces serious economic stress and a realization that while Netanyahu may have led Israel to unprecedented success, his moves during this period have led to more bitterness and chaos than ever before. This has allowed foreign elements to take control and cause even more damage.

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