America Must Brace Itself for What’s About to Come

by Phil Schneider

5-10 years ago, migrants from the Middle East, mainly Arabs fleeing persecution in Syria, Iraq, and anywhere else that radical Islamists overran peaceful areas, moved en masse into Europe. There were multiple ways of going into Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, and other countries in Europe. The net result has been the same in all of these countries. Europe is fast becoming dominated by these immigrants and is a radically different continent than it used to be beforehand. The most common baby name in Europe today is Mohammed.

How does this happen? Isn’t a population increase a positive thing for countries to strive for? Didn’t America become the powerhouse it became due to a massive influx of people towards the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century? The answer is that an increase in population is most definitely a blessing for a country – if the population is productive and adds positive value.

However, way too many migrants who moved en-masse into Europe are not looking to add value, but to take value from their new host country. Put simply, they are choosing to move to Europe in order to get as much free money and health care as possible. And yes, because border control is weak in these countries.

Are the immigrants coming through the US southern border similar to the European immigrants? Some indeed are looking to improve their quality of life. Mexico and Central America are areas that are filled with corruption, and many of the Latino speakers are hard working people who produce and will indeed bolster the United States economy. But unfortunately, way too many of the migrants are importing drugs and habits of opioid use into cities all across America.

The drug pandemic is not a minor issue in the United States. There are tens of cities across the United States that are quickly becoming drug havens for homeless and non-homeless alike. Marijuana and fentanyl have proven to be two of the most harmful drugs spreading like wildfire across America. The importing of drug addiction across the United States is not just a troubling trend. It will destroy the entire country from inside if it is not stopped. The spotlight of this PragerU video is not an exaggeration of the problem. It is probably an understatement.

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