America Has Never Been Greater

by Phil Schneider

Is the United States the best place to live in the world? Well, is there any place in the world that more people are clamoring to live in than the United States? The answer is no. Only the United States is where millions of people want to live. So, the next time you hear some criticism of the United States, remember that the people who criticize the United States are people who don’t truly value the freedom that can be taken for granted in the United States as there is so much freedome.

Is America Great Again?

In truth, the United States has been great for quite some time. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is truly what the United States personifies. That is why so many people are so sensitive when warriors against “hate speech” start to clamp down on free speech. There is probably nothing that is more democratic than free speech. If there is anything that ensures that the United States will stay great, it is due to the free speech and democratic ideals of capitalism.

So, can unbridled immigration actually threaten the United States way of life. Well, all we need to do is to look across the Atlantic. No-go zones are becoming the norm in nearly every country. That is the beginning of total chaos or democratically elected non-democracies. It may take a few decades, but it will not take 100 years. If we don’t the United States to become like Sweden or Germany, we better be careful. Taking in people who stand up against the way of life in the United States and who have zero intention of assimilating is a very dangerous proposition. Our motto needs to also be, “Keep America Great.”

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