All the answers about the myth that Israel is an apartheid state

by Phil Schneider

Where did the idea start that Israel is an apartheid state? Well, it started in the last few decades. Apartheid is the idea that a country implements institutional racial or religious segregation. The main place that this refers to is the time period of the 50’s through the 80’s in South Africa. But is Israel a place where a minority – the Arabs – have less rights than Jews? The answer is no. But there is a place in the Middle East where apartheid is alive and well.

The place where apartheid exists in the Middle East is basically across nearly every other country in the Middle East. The places where it is most difficult to be an Arab in the Middle East are the Arab countries. The discrimination that exists against Shiites in Sunni dominated countries and vice versa is so much worse than what happened in South Africa. In many other Middle Eastern countries, the price for being of the “wrong” religion is often death.

This video clip does a thorough and excellent job of explaining that Arabs have voting rights in Israel and of course excellent medical care for Jews and Arabs alike. But there is one example that is more convincing than nearly anything else. Israel’s Jewish President Moshe Katsav was convicted and placed in jail by a nominated Arab judge. Who nominated the Arab judge? A committee of other Jewish and Arab judges who largely run the Justice system in the State of Israel. So, next time you hear the ridiculous notion that applies the word “apartheid” to Israel, ask them, “What kind of an apartheid State allows Arabs to place it’s Jewish president in jail?”

Arab Incitement
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