Muslim Intellectual: “The West has no alternative but Islam”

by Avi Abelow

Islam is the most destructive force on the face of this earth, Watch this Algerian intellectual as he says many truths, and it is very scary.


Hearing this Algerian is infuriating. He basically says that while Islam has been absent on the world stage for generations, it is coming back, and the West will convert to Islam because they have no other alternatives.

The most infuriating thing about what he says is that there is so much truth to his scary prediction. It is actually happening before our eyes.

The Three Monotheistic Religions

He speaks about how Christianity in the Western world is in constant decline. Regarding Judaism, he mentions that Judaism does not welcome in outsiders, which is true. Not because Judaism is an exclusive, special club. Not at all. It is because according to the Torah, people can be great people without converting to Judaism. Our purpose as Jews is not to convert people to Judaism.

As opposed to Islam and Christianity, which proselytize, and believe they are the only one true religion, Judaism is totally different. According to the Torah, the Bible, the Jews were chosen to live a certain lifestyle in order to inspire others in the world to believe in the existence of one G-d, and follow his 7 basic laws, also called the Noahide laws. We don’t seek to convert people to Judaism, but only to inspire people to believe in one G-d. Hence, when people want to convert to Judaism, we turn them away, because they do not have to.

His Conclusion

The Algerian’s conclusion is that Westerners will therefore turn to Islam. And this is already happening. The number of non-Muslim Europeans and Americans converting to Islam is growing every year. And this is truly scary.

While Muslim countries, and Islam, discriminate against women, murder gays, kill women in honor killings, somehow Westerners are ignoring all that and deciding to convert.

Scary Reality

This is a very scary reality. Because Islam is not a religion of peace.

Yes, hundreds of millions of Muslims believe in peace. But there are hundreds of millions of other Muslims who believe in killing infidels, subjugating woman and murdering gays. Jihad is not peace, jihad is war and subjugation of all non-Muslims.

While hoping that this Algerian is wrong, unfortunately, there is much truth to what he says and that is scary.

Otherwise, we must hope and pray that the peaceful Muslims succeed in decimating and delegitimizing the hundreds of millions of violent, intolerant, jihad loving Muslims. Yet, that is not happening, and it doesn’t look like that will ever happen.

Col. Kemp

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