Al Jazeera Doesn’t Want You to See This Video About the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

Here is the truth about the Temple Mount. Al Jazeera definitely wants this video taken down. It destroys their lies!

The Truth About the Temple Mount

Here is the problem. People see videos from Al Jazeera and believe what this antisemitic “news” network tells them. They don’t check the facts that Al Jazeera says. But the truth matters. It matters a lot. Because the world claims the Jews don’t belong on the Temple Mount. And that could not be farther from the truth.

This video is perfect because it goes through all the lies of this Al Jazeera Temple Mount video and shares the truth. When debating those who hate Israel, you need to have the facts. You need to know history. Because otherwise, the Israel-haters will make claims that you can’t refute because you won’t know how. But if you know your history, you can refute everything they say. Because history doesn’t lie. The facts don’t lie.

Al Jazeera is spreading lies. That’s what they do. Their videos are dishonest and full of hate. They do it in such a way that people who are clueless will believe what they say. People get sucked into this world of lies and hate.

They won’t win though. Their hate will be defeated. Their lies will continue to be debunked by those who know the truth and care to spread it. We must continue to educate and to be educated. We must continue to stop networks and organizations like Al Jazeera. They knowingly share information that is historically inaccurate. And they call themselves a news network. Absurd!  

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