PUSH BACK BEGINS: Alternate Afghan Government Declared In Exile

by Micha Gefen

Afghan’s National Resistance Front has declared a government in exile under Amrullah Saleh. Afghanistan’s Swiss embassy declared that Saleh’s government is Afghanistan’s only legitimate government.

The statement issued by the embassy in Switzerland stated that no other government in Afghanistan is considered legitimate. In addition, it made the claim that the Taliban are considered foreign invaders. This has some truth to it as it has become clear that the Taliban is being propped up by Pakistan.

The Saleh government will no doubt be backed by India and Russia in a bid to push back on the China-Pak occupation of Afghanistan. Saleh’s declaration of the new government should not be seen in a vacuum as India’s involvement there fits into Modi’s support of Taiwan as a push back against China’s expansion.

Either India stand up to Beijing now or risks being choked to death by the growing stranglehold of China’s expanding reach into Afghanistan.

For Russia, Saleh is a perfect opportunity to push back against China using a Tajik leader he

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