Israel’s Deep State Wants to Continue Funding the PA Terror Machine!

by Avi Abelow

The Deep State Phenomenon

God works in strange ways. Right now the USA is coming to grips with the new phenomenon of a “deep state.”  The existence of bureaucrats that are at odds with the Trump administration. At the same time, it is becoming apparent, on many fronts, that Israel also has this same problem.

How are we seeing this? Finally, an Israeli “Taylor Force Act” has been proposed. If passed, then Israel would stop transferring the equivalent amount of funds that the Palestinian Authority pay their terrorists and their families. The bill makes perfect sense. Why should Israel give money that is then used to reward Arab terrorists for murdering Jews?

Sounds great, so where is the bad news? The bad news is that the Defense establishment doesn’t like that bill.  They are afraid of the financial consequences of the Palestinian Authority. It is crazy. They know the Authority spends $350 million annually to pay terrorists and their families. Yet they do not want to endanger the financial collapse of the PA. So instead they have proposed their own bill, which is exactly the same, exact for one major loophole. This “little” loophole would allow the State to transfer the money anyway. This is not a little difference. This “loophole” basically makes the bill meaningless. It turns the bill into a PR stunt instead of actually punishing the Palestinian Authority.


Many Israelis are celebrating that Israel is finally preparing a law to punish the Palestinian Authority (PA) for continuing to pay terrorists. Yet the “deep state” of Israel’s Defense establishment is trying to kill it.

It is absolute lunacy that after 23 years of a “peace” process that has only brought more war an bloodshed from our Palestinian Authority “peace” partners, that our deep state still thinks this way. These security officials, among them retired military people, fear that this law will ‘weaken’ the PA and thus endanger Israeli security.

As journalist Judith Bergman states so eloquently:

Seriously? The PA raising “shahids” for the past 25 years, ensuring that there will be no peace for at least a generation, is supposed to represent ‘security’? The kind that resulted in 331 terrorist incidents in January (alone)?


When will our security “experts” wake up to reality and learn that we only have a chance of stopping the institutionalized terror from the Palestinian Authority if we take all steps to punish them for inciting and rewarding terrorism?

The fear they have of the collapse of such a corrupt and evil authority, that incites and rewards terrorism, is sickening.

It infuriates us to no end that we have our deep state in Israel.  Why is it doing everything in its power to stop us from doing what is absolutely necessary to secure ourselves?

Peace from Strength!

Peace will only come from strength, not from appeasement.  It will not come from fear of a collapse of a terror-supporting regime that does not even pretend to be a peace partner!

“Soon, this theater of the absurd will come to an end, and the salaries of the terrorists that we will withhold from [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud] Abbas will be used to prevent terrorism and compensate victims,” said Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman about the proposed bill.

While it is nice to hear the Defense Minister say these words, it is infuriating that he is silent as he allows the Defense establishment, under his leadership, to neutralize the bill.

These videos show the horrible reality of the situation today.

Pay for slay – In the Palestinian Authority territories, funding of terrorism isn’t just custom, it’s actually law. Both America and Israel should pass a Taylor Force Act to stop transferring money to the Palestinian Authority that it pays terrorists and their families.

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