A Survivor That Will Change Your Life

by Phil Schneider

Can you forgive the Germans? NO. The Germans committed the horrible atrocities countless times for more than 5 years. So what is your message to ask for future generations? There are many Jewish survivors of the Holocaust who will have a similar message as the one in this short video. Note that the message here is not that we need to educate the masses to love one another and that all of our problems can be worked out at the negotiation table.

The essential message that most people who survived the horrors of the Holocaust have is that we can never assume that a Jew will have a permanent home in the world outside of the Land of Israel. We may feel comfortable in the countries that we were raised. After all, that is what families do. They make their loved ones feel comfortable in their homes, with their lives. But the Jew should not feel comfortable outside of the Land of Israel under a German, Spanish, Italian, Moroccan, British, or American government.

Really? Should a Jew really not feel comfortable in the United States? Well, on the short term level, it is one thing. But, as this survivor explains so succinctly, that we don’t really know how things can change in the future. They experienced how their lives went from wonderful to pure hell in a matter of hours. So they understand that it is not necessarily the government of the United States that may be the problem. It is the outside threats that may overwhelm the United States and bring down the United States. Before 9/11, we had good reason to delude ourselves into thinking that the Atlantic and Pacific protected us. Now we know that the US is not too far away to be hit. Before Corona, we could have thought that instability in the Far East does not truly affect the US. That idea has now been shot down. It is time for us to wake up and deal with the issues at hand. We need to safeguard this world from the dangers that exist or else our lives of freedom will one day come crashing down.

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