A Remarkable Tour of the Hidden Jewish Heritage in Southern Croatia

by Leah Rosenberg

There are some parts of Jewish history that even Jews are unaware of. Take a look at the Jewish heritage in Dubrovnik!

Jewish Heritage in Dubrovnik

The Jewish people have lived in many places throughout the world. After being exiled from the land of Israel, they were scattered throughout the four corners of the Earth. And subsequently after different exiles from places like England, Spain, and more, the Jews were again forced to relocate. Some communities are more commonly known about, and some communities were much smaller. The Jewish heritage of Dubrovnik is not always talked about, but that does not make it any less significant.

Look at the ancient streets. Look at the beautiful synagogue that was perserved perfectly. It is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe! The museum houses Torah scrolls from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The feeling of the vibrance of Jewish life from centuries ago is palpable.

The Map of Israel from 1913

This virtual “tour” shows us a map of Israel from 1913. Yes, 1913; before a so-called “Palestinian” people ever even existed. It’s another “small” proof that Israel belongs to the Jewish people, and that they did not just come in 1948 or take land that didn’t belong to them.

They lived in different parts of the world like Dubrovnik because they were exiled from Israel and then from other countries throughout the world. But the exile started from the land of Israel; the land given to the Jews by G-d thousands of years ago.

History is important to learn. History matters – it’s where the facts and the truth live.

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