A message from the U.S. to the entire world

by Leah Rosenberg

It ACTUALLY happened! The U.S. embassy was finally moved to Jerusalem. That means that the U.S. officially recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. Now that is something to celebrate!

Years in the Making

For years, even decades, U.S. presidents have promised to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Yet no president followed through. Their words were meaningless. And then President Trump came along, made a promise, and followed through with his word. On May 14, 2018, the U.S. moved its embassy to Israel’s eternal capital. That date is significant because on May 14, 1948, Israel declared itself a state. And the U.S. was the first to recognize this on that same day!

Alliance Between the U.S. and Israel

The United States and Israel have a strong bond, and moving the U.S. embassy only makes that bond stronger. The American-Israeli relationship is beneficial for both countries. Because these two countries have similar goals, shared values, and common enemies, there is no reason that one country should not support and defend the other!

As Ambassador David Friedman said, “Today, we keep our promise to the American people, and we extend to Israel the same right we extend to every other nation: the right to designate its capital city.”

Regarding the U.S. embassy move, Senator Ted Cruz said, “This is a statement to our friends that we stand with you unshakably, and it’s our statement to our enemies that America will stand strong.”

What Israel is all About

America understands what Israel’s values are. As Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the president, said, “Israel proves everyday the boundless power of freedom. This land is the only land in the Middle East in which Jews, Muslims, and Christians, and people of all faiths participate and worship freely according to their beliefs.”

Israel is a democracy, just like America. America understands that, and hopefully the rest of the world will as well.



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