A Famous Jewish Philosopher Gave This Powerful Message About the Holocaust

by Leah Rosenberg

The Holocaust was one of the darkest times in world history. Why didn’t more people protest? How could the world let this happen?

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on the Holocaust

The message by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, may his memory be a blessing, is chilling. When you actually think about the Holocaust and what happened, you wonder how so many people stood by and watched the murder of millions upon millions of innocent Jews and others who the Nazis deemed not worthy of living. It is sickening and disturbing.

People laughed in the streets as Jews were tormented and tortured. People went along with the Nazis’ evil plan. And some people just stood by silently and watched. It is truly horrifying to think that people kept quiet during the murder of so many innocent men, women, and children. They knew it was happening.

Nothing like the Holocaust should ever happen again. We must stand up and protest. As Rabbi Sacks said, G-d commands us to. He commands us to not stand by and watch people die. We must all do what we can to stop evil people from taking innocent lives.

In a world where people are trying to erase the horrors of the Holocaust and claim that the atrocities carried out by the Nazis never happened, we must fight back with the truth. And we must fight back against whatever evil still exists in the world. Being a bystander cannot be an option. It is against the Bible and against what G-d wants.

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