8 terrorists almost kill Australian father

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you believe this? And the gang of terrorists have not been found yet! The Australian people in Roxburgh Park have had enough of this violence.

Australian Father Protects Neighbors

An Australian father had had enough of the gangs and violence in his neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia. He went out to try to protect his neighbors from these Middle Eastern terrorists. 1 person against 8 of these men! His neighborhood has had too much chaos because of these gangs. And people are done with it!

So, he went out and tried to chase them away. But sadly, during that heroic act, he was terribly beaten by these vicious terrorists.

People are Terrified

People are terrified. Not only in Australia, but throughout the world. No one wants Jihadis in their neighborhoods. No one wants to live amongst violence and constant threats. Australians as well as people all over the world should not have to fear leaving their homes. But right now, they do. And even though there are those heroes who try to stop the madness, they risk their lives doing so. And this Australian father showed that.

Hopefully, police will find these terrorists soon and bring them to justice. Fear is not a way to live.

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