What the US did to Completely Shame Itself Next to Russia

by Phil Schneider

Dave Rubin’s point is scary. Yes, he uses a Russian army propaganda to make his point. But it is a valid point. The United States of America is all caught up in things such as making sure that lesbians have equal rights in the military, while Russia is busy destroying the lives of millions of people in order to move forward with a brutal dictator’s imperialistic dreams.

Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine must serve as a wake up call on multiple levels. The first wake up call must be the basic realization that the world is still an extremely dangerous place – perhaps even more dangerous than at any time since World War II. Therefore, the lessons from previous World Wars must be reviewed.

If a tyrant with major imperialistic ideas accrues enormous power and weapons, they must be taken seriously and not at face value. Germany was led by a dictator with massive ideas of taking over the free world. But it took many years till Winston Churchill was able to get FDR to convince the United States to send soldiers across 2 oceans to fight the Germans and Japanese. Had the United States gotten involved earlier, millions of lives could have been saved. Deterrence is the only thing that stops dictators in their tracks. Germany was stopped by Russian mechanized artillery in the East, brave British Airmen in the West, and American GI’s in the trenches. But it was also the massive manufacturing capability of the United States which allowed the Allies to overwhelm German soldiers and Japanese kamikaze bombers.

Would the United States be willing to invest in a massive military buildup if a future threat emerged? It is hard to imagine this happening. Right now, the United States is a country more focused on feelings of lesbians than on world security.

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