What President Biden and Seinfeld Have in Common

by Phil Schneider

Is President Biden really going up to the TV screens and trying to convince the American people that the economy is doing well, that illegal immigration is not happening en-masse, and that crime is not rampant in many cities across America? Yes. That is what Biden is doing. The disconnect is as great as it was during the Carter administration when Jimmy Carter refused to accept that inflation and gas shortages were a massive impediment to normal living in the US under his administration.

The Biden disconnect will drive the Republicans to win big during the midterms. Yes, there will be some women in suburban areas that have not suffered too much from crime that will vote based on their opinions on abortion. But outside of that one narrow group that is concerned about their choice to have an abortion more than most any other issues, most of America will be coming out in droves to vote on improving the economy.

Joe Biden is actually not the real problem. He is a puppet President parroting out what Obama’s advisors are sending him to say. He is receiving one page memos with large print of talking points, and he is able to get up and say them after practicing for a half an hour or so before every public appearance. His handlers are doing an amazing job of protecting him and making sure to never allow him to be stuck in places where he can get lost like public restaurants or raucous crowds.

He stopped bicycle riding after he showed all of America that he is still able to fall off a bicycle when stopping. He never does 60 minutes type interviews where he can slip up. Biden is not a liar. He’s a slowing down politician with so many decades of experience in politics that he is able to “perform” his job even when he is only at 60-70% capacity. That’s what he is doing – performing.

But the American people are paying the price with their wallets and they have had enough. Change will come to Congress first. But the lies are so transparent to anyone who buys gas or food or who lives within a 50 mile radius of the porous southern border.

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