Watch US Senator Rip Apart Obama for Enabling Hamas Attack

by Phil Schneider

Without Barack Obama handing 100 billion dollars to Iran, none of the massacres that took place in Israel could have happened. Hamas and all of the Arabs inside Israel cannot walk down the street and buy a weapon at Walmart. They have to smuggle them in from foreign countries. They did not bring the weapons from many places. It all goes back to Iran. Obama gave Iran the money and free reign to keep pumping hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons into Gaza and Lebanon. There are not many dots to connect. US taxpayer money funded Irans military machine. Hamas have been the frontline troops for Iran in their never-ending war against Israel.

It is absolutely startling how much international money has been poured into the Gaza Strip over the last 15 years. 95% of it all went towards building tunnels, munition factories with tens of thousands of missiles, and creating a full-fleged terror framework to attack and kill Jews.

This cannot happen in a vacuum and it requires alot of money. Barack Obama, more than any other person, is responsible for the quagmire that Israel finds itself in, with Israeli soldiers dying in order to keep Israel safe from attack. Obama’s treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu was no aberration. It was a direct continuation of his general treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister and the State of Israel in general. Plain and simple, Barack Obama has always been and will always be anti-Israel.

The only solution to the Middle East terror network based in Iran is a worldwide network that is driven to destroy Iran’s weapons buildup in the Middle East. So far, the only President who understood this was Donald Trump. But today, much of Congress also sees the truth. US taxpayer money should never go to fund terror. The tens of millions of dollars in UNRWA funds that US taxpayers paid for should be the main thing that should change in the coming months. Otherwise, it won’t just be Barack Obama, but others who continue to beef up the Iranian terror network.

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