Watch: The Doctors Who are Completely Destroying Our Children

by Phil Schneider

Some woke doctors are telling children to change their body instead of working on helping them with their emotional struggles. The President of the United States supports this. He supports people changing their children’s bodies. The new word has become “transition.” It is absolutely sick what is happening across America today. Therapy today is harming children. Plastic surgeons today are doing horrible things instead of helping people look younger or solve esthetic issues. Ten-year-old children today are self-diagnosing themselves as trans people. It is a crazy science experiment that is going on across America today, where the woke activist crazies are driving the madness.

Why do people today accept the idea that a child with tendencies to be the opposite sex needs to undergo a physical operation to “transition” their gender? Transitioning means cutting off genitals and adding testosterone or estrogen injections to boys and girls. Hello? Really? Yes. This is the new reality that is sweeping across America and is supported by the Oval Office today.

A powerful point on this subject is brought on one anti-trans website by a young teen. He said the following, “If transgenderism is biological, then why would [my] friend group of twelve people, one at a time like dominoes, be realizing that [they’re] trans?”  

That is the reality today on social media. It has become cool to become transgender today. This comes from the massive cultural impact of young children exposed to pornography. And yes, within that underworld, the exposure that Hollywood offers is disgusting and traumatic for anyone, especially a young child.

The social media companies, influencers, and educators that are encouraging transgenderism are actually working to change the laws of creation and nature. Yes, the world is going mad. It is time to take a major step back and think, “Where are things today and where are they going?”

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