Warning: You’ll be on the Next Flight to Israel After Hearing This Song

by Leah Rosenberg

Simcha Leiner is a popular Jewish singer. This song about Israel being home is perfect. Book your flight to Israel if you haven’t already.

A Flight to Israel is a Flight Home

That feeling of coming home is a feeling that you can’t explain. Sometimes, we visit our homes but have to leave again. We go to college far away. We go on a vacation. We have a job that requires traveling. But we always know that when we come home, we will be surrounded with love and family. We will have that warm feeling of being in a familiar place. And that’s what Israel is to all Jews. Whether or not a Jew has made Israel his permanent home, he knows that Israel is truly his home. Whenever he gets on that flight to Israel, he can’t wait to be embraced by the love of the Jewish people. He can’t wait to feel the spirituality of G-d’s chosen land.

Hopefully, every Jew will come home soon to live. Hopefully, no more Jews will have to “travel for work” or “go on a vacation” out of the holy land of Israel.

What’s sad is that some people don’t appreciate home. Some people don’t know what home is. Some people don’t recognize the Jewish homeland as their home. That is such a tragedy! They are missing out on G-d’s gift to His people.

At the end of the day, the goal is of course not to just visit your home. The goal is to live there forever.

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