US Senator Exposed Democrats in a Speech That Left Congress in Shock

by Phil Schneider

Tom Cotton is right on when he exposes that US taxpayer money is working to bring down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the guise of support for “democracy in Israel.” Actually, what US taxpayers are funding are demonstrations by misguided Israelis to keep Israel from becoming a true democracy.

Here is the full speech:

A few years ago, Israel had elections and Benjamin Netanyahu was unable to muster a majority of elected Knesset members to vote for him to be Prime Minister. It was a personal defeat for him and he led the opposition for more than a year. Then, that government was unable to keep their majority and in the ensuing elections, Netanyahu won – big. He received a 64 person majority in the 120 member Knesset. For Israel, that is a significant majority, but it does not insure that he will stay in power for many years. His government exists due to the confidence that the voters have or do not have in him. He must work overtime to keep at least 61 people voting for him to stay in power. That is what is called a democracy.

But Netanyahu’s detractors insist that he is dictatorial while in power. That is somewhere between an exaggeration and an outright lie. He certainly has and can be brought down by his opposition via a Knesset vote of no-confidence, so he is obviously not a dictator.

On the other hand, Israel lacks term limits, except in the Chief Rabbinate. Lack of term limits does indeed allow one person to accrue too much power over the course of time of being in the most powerful position for an extended amount of time. Netanyahu is probably the best example of why term limits would be a good thing in Israel. He has been Prime Minister for around 15 of the last 27 years. Too many of his personal enemies have disappeared from the political scene and too many of his close supporters are in important positions of power. So, there is indeed some truth that Israel’s Prime Ministerial position has too much power.

Yet, none of the protests against Netanyahu espouse term limits. The protesters scream about democracy and openly threaten violence. But actually, what is needed are more limitations on the power of the unelected Judiciary. Israel’s right wing should probably have first worked on curtailing the power of the Judiciary, and then on the method of electing the Judiciary itself. But the right wing overreached and underestimated the ability of the radical and anarchist left to gain support from middle-of-the-roaders. Most of “middle Israel” wants stability and chaotic anarchists know how to attack that fear very effectively. Now Israel’s right wing leaders are weakly succumbing to the violence of the left that is willing to “burn down the country” if they don’t get their way. The short-term battle to reform Israel’s Judiciary has not succeeded. But the right-wing is determined to continue the fight.

One important thing is going to be the result of Israel’s tumultuous protest and anti-protest movements. Israel’s radical left and the enormous power that it has on the mainstream press in Israel, the heads of the police, and especially the courts, have now been exposed for all to see. The right-wing needs to regroup and fight back with more planning. The only way to beat the left is with a massive media blitz – internet ads, massive billboards and massive demonstrations – that prepares the public for major changes by displaying who indeed represents Israel’s majority.

Tom Cotton is correct. Israel’s majority wants Netanyahu and his policies. They do not want US taxpayer money going to support so-called “democracy movements” dedicated to toppling him through violent demonstrations.

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dms578 March 28, 2023 - 4:21 pm

congress knows perfectly well that Sen. Cotton’s observations are accurate I am sick of the hypocrisy. Israel should pursue Soros through the international courts. I apologize for my country and its actions in electing any democratic candidate and for this blatant illegal interference in the affairs of a sovereign nation. I can only hope this has driven home to Israel that a majority of secularized american jews are enemies.

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