This Rendition of the “Sound of Silence” will Leave you Speechless

by Phil Schneider

The “Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel is a classic. But looking at the meaning behind the song, there is so much depth. We live in a day and age when their are so many things that cloud up our minds. We are so connected via our smartphones to so many people in so many ways, that we have lost our entire concept of being truly connected to anybody.

The Disconnected Generation

Some have labeled this the generation of the disconnected. The Sabbath comes to reverse this new absurd reality. We need to reconnect – all of the time. Once a week is the absolute minimum. In truth, we should reconnect every day – even a few times a day, and make sure to work hard to never disconnect. The solution is to stop, pause – for an entire 24 hour period, and just focus on what is important. That is all that matters for an entire day – every week. That is the essence of the Sound of Silence of the Sabbath.

This video portrays much of that depth. In addition to that, it shows the importance of Shabbat. There is tremendous importance to disconnect from nearly everything that creates that silence and calmness within our relationships.

The words “people talking without speaking, people hearing without listening” are perhaps more relevant to this generation than any other generation.

This music video is extremely powerful and touching. May we all be blessed with deep and real relationships with our loved ones and those closest to us. The Sabbath is our best tool to do that.

Dr. Risch

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