This is the Most Shameful Thing the Left Supports

by Phil Schneider

The Left, according to Dennis Prager, supports the weak, and fights against the strong. This is true and not true. It is true in terms of how the Left has treated Israel over the decades. It is true in terms of how the Left tends to view morality. It is definitely true that the Left does not focus on the importance of right and wrong as much as it focuses on weak and strong.

However, the Left does not merely champion the weak. The Left does not have issues with Big Tech and does not have issues with China and Russia. The Left has issues with truth and falsehood because the Leftist ideology that is pervasive today does not belong in any form of absolute morality. This has major ramifications in terms of everything.

It means that the left is ideologically opposed to anything being right and wrong. It is ideologically opposed to boundaries. Therefore, the Left is actually a chaos supporting viewpoint on how to see the world. When it comes to Israel, the ideology seems to be more vicious though. This is because the anti-Israel, poor so-called “Palestinian” supporters are nothing more than age-old antisemitic people.

But, as in the past, anti-semitism comes from many reasons. It comes from jealousy. It comes from resentment that Jews have amassed so much financial success in a region that was considered uninhabitable for centuries. And most of all, it comes from simple traditional hatred of the Jew, a transnational worldwide movement that is as old as the existence of the Jewish people.

The main aspects of leftist ideology today are anger and governmental overreach. To be a leftist today is to be filled with anger at different things – Donald Trump, Wall Street, Israel, rich people, and anyone who wants to limit governmental handouts.

It is absurd today to not see the direct connection between 9/11 attackers, pro-“so-called Palestinians,” and Black Lives Matter supporters. They are indeed all the same people who really think America is a bad place. They strive for a socialist-type form of government that uses it’s power to social engineer America to allow anybody to do whatever they want and receive handouts in order to preserve a fake equality.

This is yet another result of what happens when G-d is removed from the equation. Without anything absolute in the world, nothing is truly right or wrong.

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