This is How You Bring Honor to the Six Million Jews 

by Leah Rosenberg

Six million Jews. They were slaughtered. Gassed. Tortured in ways our brains cannot understand. We must never forget them and the Holocaust.

Remembering the Holocaust and Six Million Jews

It is hard to imagine the number six million. It is hard to truly internalize the magnitude of such a number. Yad Vashem’s Book of Names gives you a glimpse. But only a glimpse. And sadly, not even all six million Jewish names have been able to be recorded yet. There are still over a million names missing.

These names are not just names. They were real people. Each one of these Jews had their own lives. They had friends and family. They had dreams and worries. These holy members of the Jewish nation had emotions. Can you imagine if these innocent Jews would not have been murdered? Imagine how they would have continued their lives. How more Jewish children would have been born. How they would have contributed to society.


That is all we can do. We can only imagine. Because their lives were taken in the most brutal ways mankind has ever seen.

We must remember. We must make sure their names do not become nothing. We must ensure that their memories live on. Even though too much of the world claims the Holocaust never happened, this Book of Names speaks volumes. Literally. It memorializes every single one of these six million Jews – even the names that are not yet recorded. It makes sure we know that the six million holy Jews are more than just six million names.

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