The world labels them as extremists – but you’re going to wish everyone was like them

by Leah Rosenberg

Look at this video of the people who the world labels as the most extreme of extremists. Find out what these Israeli “settlers” did. Extreme? Think again.

Extremists or Extremely kind?

Meet some of the “extremists” of a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria called Yitzhar. Yes, you heard the right word. The world actually has labeled these innocent Jewish people as violent. These men, women, and children. You would think they are animals. You would think they have no morals.

And then you see the truth. People who are willing to donate their kidney to a stranger. Why? Because “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It is a foundational principle of the Bible. And the people of Yitzhar live according to God’s word. These people who the world calls “extreme” want to help others; they want to give.

Focus on REALY Extremism

The world should focus on real extremism in Israel – the extremism from the Palestinian Arabs and their leadership. The extremism that has killed and injured thousands and thousands of Israeli men, women, children, and soldiers. Those extremists have not donated their kidneys to strangers just because they wanted to help. Those extremists have not chosen life over death. They have chosen destruction. They have chosen murder. But somehow, the world does not focus on them. They focus on the “extremists” donating their kidneys…

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