The UN Will Never Recover From This Disturbing Clip

by Phil Schneider

The UN, the body that is entrusted with ensuring world peace, cannot even describe or define what the word terror is. The UN exists on a different plane of existence, wherein good and evil are not within the rubric of normal discussion. Well, then we’ve got a problem. There is no international entity that should have clearer definitions of good and evil than the UN. There is no entity that should be able to define what is terrorism and what is not – than the UN. It’s time for a major restart of the UN.

The United Nations is perhaps the greatest underperforming world agency in existence. Instead of the nations of the world having a unifying place to work through each country’s grievances in a peaceful manner, the United Nations serves as a force for mass export of moral absurdity. When nations like Iran, Qatar, and other troublemakers gather together, the goal should not merely be to allow every country to speak their confused blather about how everybody else is at fault.

The point of a United Nations assembly should be to raise up the moral standards of the world in general. That will not happen merely via diplomats of each country speaking out in one public forum. What is needed are the most enlightened voices for humanity and peace from each culture to have a platform to share their ideas on how to avert the forces of evil from deepening their hold across the world.

What has happened since the founding of the United Nations, the updated version of the League of Nations, is that evil forces have not been dampened as much as they have been given a platform of respectability. It goes back to not being able to give proper voice to defining good vs. evil, terrorism vs. enforcing justice. The potential is there. The problem is that too many UN employees are earning too much money maintaining the status quo of the UN and it’s agencies, so change from within is hard to imagine. 

One step in the right direction would be the closing of the UNRWA branch, a massive branch of the UN that is literally and figuratively founded on the roots of promoting terrorism against the Jewish State. Every Israeli soldier who has fought in Gaza and encountered an UNRWA building saw the terror tunnels underneath the building and the terror infrastructure inside the walls of the UNRWA buildings. That leaves nothing to the imagination about UNRWA’s twinning of it’s goals with Hamas’ goals of terrorizing Israel. Even if it is just one step, it may lead to the beginning of the discussion of reforming the world body in order for it to become what it was set up to be in the first place.   

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ewljr March 26, 2024 - 10:32 pm

The United Nations is merely Satan’s phony church on earth to directly oppose the church of Christ Jesus. Satan’s false-prophets have the stage to oppose God & God’s people.

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