The UN Supports the Genocide of Jews – Will Anyone Stop Them?

by Leah Rosenberg

The UN is one complete failure. Hillel Neuer has pointed it out time and time again. But will anyone listen?

The UN has Lost its Way

As Hillel Neuer said, the UN “was founded to prevent war.” And what have they done? Instead, they are complicit in helping create war. They are the cause of so much hatred in the world, especially against the Jewish people. The United Nations has literally supported the genocide of the Jewish people by standing with Hamas and constantly standing against the one democracy in the Middle East.

Why doesn’t this “peaceful” organization care about the 4,000 rockets that were fired from Gaza into Israel, specifically targeting civilian areas? Because apparently, Jewish lives don’t matter.

Antisemitism has been raging across the world. Europe, America, the Middle East – it doesn’t matter. Nowhere is immune. And the United Nations, the organization that is supposed to help protect the world from attacks, wars, and human rights violations, is failing miserably.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, is willing to stand up and call out the United Nations. But the world needs more people like him.

Dr. Risch

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