The next generation in DC shares what they think about Israel

by Phil Schneider

Israel is unique. It is a country that is small and beautiful. But what does the Western world know about Israel? They know what they see and hear from the media. Therefore, the media has an absolutely critical role to play. produced a very powerful short documentary titled, “How the next generation in DC sees Israel.” The short and powerful clip focuses on the next generation of American policy influencers. These people are the ones who will be impacting on the decision-makers today and the future.

What do most people think about Israel?

Israel Collective is correct in noting that Israel is basically a peace-loving country.  That means that Israel is filled with around 6 -7 million Jews who are looking to live a peaceful, moral, and happy life in the Land of Israel.

However, Israel Collective properly notes that the core of the issue between Jews and Arabs in Israel is that one side – the Arab side – simply wants to kick Jews out of the country.

The idea of encouraging and placing the spotlight on all non-political peace-loving activities between Jews and Arabs is excellent.

Jews and Arabs actively run tens of initiatives.  Especially non-political initiatives.   Israel Collective shines the spotlight on one of them – Jerusalem to Syria.  Israel’s neighbor Syria, is a sworn enemy of the State of Israel.  However, there is also a massive human tragedy going on in the Syrian Civil War.  Israeli citizens spontaneously decided that they needed to send aid to children and families caught in the Civil War.

In the end, Israel raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few days.

So, no matter what you think about Israel from a political angle, it is a country that is filled with loving-kindness and giving.





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