Silence about the Biggest Jew-Hating Killers Today Yet a Campaign to Cancel Kanye West & Kyrie Irving?

by Avi Abelow

When was the last time you heard Jewish organizations, leaders, Rabbis and influencers publicly call out the Jew-hating antisemitism of the Palestinian Authority that literally has a law that rewards terrorists with a salary for life for murdering Jews???

That is real antisemitism harming and killing Jews every single day.

This should be a major campaign by the whole Jewish world, religious, secular, left, right etc, every single day. There should be calls to cancel the Palestinian Authority, stop all funding from international organizations, the EU, the USA, Israel. Campaigns to declare them an enemy and NOT a peace partner.

But, no, nothing, and even worse than silence, because there are still calls for support and pressure to have “peace talks” with this Jew-hating terror entity.

Forgive me for not buying the hypocrisy of the Jewish establishment in calling out Kanye West, Kyrie Irving etc. for being antisemites, while they remain silent about the actual daily Jew-hating antisemitic violence supported and instigated by the Palestinian Authority.

That is total hypocrisy by Jewish leaders and influencers who pride themselves on standing up to protect the Jewish people? They are unfortunately proving themselves to be part of the problem, not the solution, once again.

Yes, the words and tweets of Kanye and Kyrie will lead millions of more people, including many African Americans, to hate Jews and use violence against Jews. But, they themselves were not calling for violence against Jews or voicing support for violence against Jews. They probably don’t even know the unintended consequences of their words and tweets.

But, the truth is that most Americans, and African-Americans, would never have even heard about their words or tweets. They would have gone under the radar and only heard by some. The masses only heard about them because of the anger generated by the cancel campaigns Jewish organizations and influencers launched against them. Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live monologue basically mainstreamed the Jew-hating antisemitic tropes even more, making the situation even worse. And, again, Chappelle would not have done that monologue had the situation been handled differently, as I suggest below, without the massive cancel campaign.

I think we are missing the forest from the trees.

It’s not enough to “fight antisemitism”. We have to think if how we are fighting antisemitism is truly leading to stopping it or actually leading to its growth!

The way Jewish influencers and organizations dealt with Kanye, Kyrie and Candace has directly led to millions of more African Americans to believe that Jews “run the world”, “control black voices” and it directly turned many of them into Jew-haters, of which many will now turn to violence.

That would not have happened had the Jewish establishment dealt with this whole situation differently. It’s been a horrible and dangerous boomerang that will lead to many more Jews that will be hurt, not less.

The initial sin was the response to Kanye. Had that been handled differently, all the rest would not have happened. It’s a sick game of dominos that has not finished yet. If the Kanye dominoe been dealt with properly it would not have fallen, and there would have been no tweet by Kyrie, no monologue from Dave Chappell etc.

There is a lot of sick baggage here that was ignored and it continues to be totally ignored.

The whole episode with Kanye, the tweet and interviews, took place after he was massively attacked for wearing a “white lives matter” t-shirt with Candace Owens at some major event.

Kanye’s tweet and interviews were then a response to the attacks on him, calling out the horrible managers and lawyers in Hollywood who happen to be Jewish. They are not Jews with pride in their authentic Jewish identity, their actions definitely do not represent the Jewish people, but they are Jewish. Kanye then made his public statements generalizing against all Jews, instead of just calling out the horrible practices of the Hollywood executives and lawyers. Still bad, but not the full story.

Kanye then publicized the text messages of his physical trainer, who happens to be Jewish, Harley Pasternak, who threatened to institutionalize Kanye and medicate him to zombieland, “again”.

This is evil stuff. Threaten to institutionalize him? Who in the world is this Harley Pasternak and how does he have the power to even do that?

And why did Pasternak write “again”?

Well, the last time Kanye was institutionalized was back in 2016 right after he voiced support for Trump at a concert. The next day he was institutionalized and his whole concert tour was cancelled.

Kanye is dealing with some deep, controlling, politically motivated evil in Hollywood that we have no clue about.

In his tweets and interviews he said things that are unforgivable in Hollywood, not the Jewish part, but about how the celebrities are managed and controlled by the executives, how they dictate their voices, how they force artists to push out despicable messages in songs that are destroying black communities etc.

The fact that he generalized against the Jews is what gave the entertainment industry ammunition to attack him and try to destroy him. But it was not because of his antisemitic comments, it’s because he dared to open his mouth against the evils of Hollywood executives. Take the Jewish part out of what he said and he was bashing the executives in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, a big no-no.

What should the Jewish establishment done in response to his tweet and interviews?

1. He should have been called out for generalizing against Jews with antisemitic tropes in statements that also call out the despicable actions of the Hollywood/entertainment executives and specifically calling out those of them who happen to be Jews. At the same time reinforcing the message that those Jewis executives and lawyers who Kanye works with in Hollywood are not representative of the Jewish people. End of story. No more dominoes.

2. Jewish organizations, influencers, business owners etc should never have called for his business contracts to be cancelled. That is what caused this a whole episode to blow up with the domino effect.

By pressuring to cancel his contracts that just gave proof to the whole African American community that the antisemitic trope of Jews running the world and controlling black voices seems to be true, which it is not. But go try proving that point now after cancel campaigns led by Jewish organizations and influencers succeeded in either canceling them or controlling them.

By the Jewish establishment dealing with Kanye as a black and white antisemitism issue, they ignored the true issues of what Kanye was ranting about, they prevented calling out the horrible practices of Hollywood executives, including handlers like Harley Pasternak who allegedly literally use drugs to control celebrities, and they created an even more dangerous environment for Jews across the United States.

Bottom line, we have to be smarter about fighting antisemitism. And it is impossible to fight antisemitism if the Jewish world ignores the worst and most dangerous form of Jew-gating antisemitism today, which actually tries to kill Jews every day, the whole fake cause called “palestine”.

And the true way to fight antisemitism is to grow out Jewish pride based on our 4,000 year old history, culture, traditions and ancestral homeland. NOT, an identity based on cultural Judaism mostly tied to surviving the Holocaust.

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