The Anti-Religious Left Strikes Again Even During Carona Pandemic

by Avi Abelow

Just this evening wannabe leader Yair Lapid, a flag bearer of Israel’s left, publicly claimed that Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Minister of Health, Yakov Litzman must resign because allegedly he did not follow some of the corona guidelines announced by his Ministry. While Litzman claims that the charge is a bunch of lies, that’s really not the point.

Just this week a number of pictures went viral of IDF soldiers on a major base all sitting next to each other in a crowded room, not following the IDF & Health Ministry guidelines of social distancing. Someone was punished alright, not any commanding officer in charge of the base or the operation that gathered the soldier, rather they punished the IDF soldier who took the picture! This issue was headline news, yet there was no comment by Yair Lapid calling for the removal of the IDF officers responsible for the ignoring the orders to enforce social distancing.

But worse than that, just one week ago Yair Lapid himself was calling for people to protest in the streets against Netanyahu, while the country was being told to stay home and not go outside.

No, with his demand for Litzman’s resignation, Yair Lapid does not care about the public safety of Israelis, he is just another populist leftist politician who rallies his troops with his anti-religious agenda.

We will overcome this corona and we will overcome this horrendous anti-religious populism as well. We have been doing it for thousands of years, even when it came from our own.

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