Tens of thousands flee as Ethiopian civil war worsens

by Leah Rosenberg

As the world is trying to battle a pandemic, an Ethiopian civil war has taken over East Africa. Men, women, and children have tried to flee.

The Ethiopian Civil War

The Ethiopian civil war has taken the lives of far too many. People are poor and homeless. People feel hopeless. Medicine and shelter are lacking. Families have been separated. Will they ever be reunited? It is hard to imagine the hardship and pain that many innocent civilians are experiencing. Men, women, and children alike.

Human rights violations are on the rise. Ethiopia is in a dire situation.

East Africa was already suffering due to Coronavirus, famine, and poverty. A civil war is the last thing that Ethiopia needed. Over 500 have been killed, over 200,000 have run away.

Even the UN High Commissioner for Human Right is concerned. Civilians are in danger.

And it doesn’t seem like anyone is backing down right now. It doesn’t seem like either side is willing to give in or stop the fighting. What will be? Will East Africa completely fall apart? How many more people will become homeless or lose their lives? How many more families separated? It is truly sad when human rights are abused, especially to the extent being reported.

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