Something amazing was just discovered near the Dead Sea

by Leah Rosenberg

The Dead Sea, a sea of salt, located in between Israel and Jordan. Discovered close by is the Malcham Cave, 6 miles long and over 7000 years old, a truly amazing discovery.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea located south of Israel, borders with Jordan. The Sea is over 430 meters below sea level. The main contributor to the dead sea is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, 9.6 times saltier than other oceans. This is what makes you able to float in the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea has attracted visitors from all over the World. However, the sea is receding at an alarming rate, its surface area today is only 605km squared, however, it once was over 1000km squared. The Sea has begun to cause problems along the coast because of the recession.

Malcham Cave

The Malcham cave was discovered in March 2019. Located in Mount Sodom, it is the longest salt cave in the world. The cave that was thought to be the longest salt cave, located in Iran is just over 6km. The Malcham Cave is over 10km and will continue to grow as the salt dissolves.

Tourist Attractions

  • Ein Gedi: An oasis and a nature reserve, one of the most popular reserves in Israel. The reserve is a sanctuary for many types of plants, birds, and animals. The reserve has four springs, Nachal David, Nachal Arugot, Shulamit Spring, and the Ein Gedi Spring. Together, all these springs generate approximately, 3 million cubic meters of water. There is also an archaeological park on site.
  • Ein Bokek: This is where the hotels and resorts are, and where many of the beaches are.
  • Mount Sodom: Sodom, the city mentioned in the Bible, that was destroyed. First God sent angels to save Abraham’s nephew, Lot and his family. They were warned not to look back at the burning city, but Lot’s wife did, and as it says in the Bible, she turned into a pillar of salt.
  • Qumran: This is the cave where the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered in 1947. The Dead Sea scrolls are the oldest manuscript with writings from the Bible. The Scrolls can now be seen at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
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