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by Michael Sax

The Israeli Negev desert is a beautiful place. At first glance, it might just seem like endless rocks. But once you take a closer look, you see life.

Israeli Negev

What a stunning desert! The blue sky and clear sand makes the perfect contrast. The rocks and sand have endless shades and colors. Yet the desert is not just endless sand.

There is life in the desert. In the Bible, Abraham lived here and dug water holes here. In modern times, it has flourishing cities. For example, Be’er Sheva is a growing city and has a well-established university. Eilat is a popular tourist destination. And many hikers enjoy the desert trail and relaxing by hidden desert waterfalls.

Modern development

David Ben-Gurion was the first prime minister of Israel. He called for development of the desert, and saw great potential there. Where some people saw barren land, he saw hope and a future. And looking at the desert today, we know David Ben-Gurion was right.

Flash floods

Flash floods are one of the most beautiful and powerful forces of nature in the Negev desert. These happen after a significant rainfall, and the location is generally known. People come from near and far to witness the flash floods, standing on high ground far away to stay safe yet close enough to witness it. What happens is that the large amounts of rainwater flow to low ground, which is in the desert. The waters increase in size, strength, and speed, pummeling forth in an extremely powerful gush of a river. So you can imagine what a unique experience it is, to be in the dry sandy desert and then suddenly see a torrent of powerful water travelling over the rocky surface. Obviously, this can be dangerous and people should stay a safe distance far away from the waters.


There are also many animals in the desert. At Ein Gedi, one can see all sorts of deer and birds that somehow find food and survive.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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