Shocking Interview Goes Viral: Former Labour Leader Refuses to Call Hamas a Terror Group

by Phil Schneider

A few years ago, England was rather close to electing a pure antisemite to the post of Prime Minister. Granted, the election was not very close. But it is truly shocking that someone with the kind of views of Jeremy Corbyn could even be nominated as the candidate of the Labour Party to run England. Get used to it. It will continue to happen in country after country. And, within less time than we may expect, there will be open antisemites running countries in the West.

The United States does not have a similar candidate who openly has not even been able to label Hamas as a terrorist organization. Barack Obama was openly hostile to Benjamin Netanyahu, but at least he made believe that he supported Israel. Even Jimmy Carter who was notorious for always criticizing Israel, both during and after his Presidency, put on a good show of being a supporter of Israel’s security.

But there are growing voices in Congress, not only The Squad, but other voices, on the left and the right, who are equally willing to stand by as Israelis are massacred. The American First movement is not necessarily antisemitic. But it most certainly is a movement against any form of American military intervention. It is understandable due to the debacle in Afghanistan and the mismanagement of the War in Iraq.

But isolationism breeds aggression from the dictatorships. This is a universal rule that must never be forgotten. When one hears calls for America to not get involved with Israel, beware of isolationist attitudes. Beware of antisemitism disguised as concern for America.

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