Shlomo Carlebach’s Powerful Words about Israel is the Only Path to Peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Do you want to know what the real path to peace is? It’s definitely not what the international says. Listen to this famous Jewish musician.

Path to Peace

These words about Israel are extremely important to interanlize. It explains the path to peace. Peace will not come by giving up our land, as Shlomo Carlebach pointed out and as we have seen . Look at what happened when Israel gave up all of Gaza. It is now a factory for terrorism. We need to have a strong Jewish state with Jewish values, and we need to pray to G-d to bring the ultimate peace – to bring the final redemption.

The Jewish people are happy to live peacefully with their Arab neighbors, as long as the Arabs do not want to destroy them. It’s that simple. Jews do not want to kick out all the Arabs from Israel, despite what the media wants you to think. The Jewish nation is a peaceful nation who just wants to live in its ancient, ancestral homeland. The Jewish people do not want war. But Israel WILL defend itself if it has to.

The world doesn’t realize that many Arabs prefer to live under an Israeli government with Israeli control. Because Israel is a democracy! Israelis treat humans with dignity. They love peace not war. They love life not death. Arabs are given rights as citizens of Israel. Go ask a Palestinian Arab what rights they have living under the Palestinian Authority.

At the end of the day, peace will not come by giving into the requests of terrorists and giving up land. So the world should stop demanding that of Israel.

And hopefully, this new Israeli government will bring about the true path to peace.

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