Republican Rep. Blasts Democrats with a Comment Most are Afraid to Say

by Phil Schneider

Is the Democrat Party a Communist Party? The Democrat Party in the United States is filled with many different opinions. On the one hand, their are moderate Southerners like Joe Manchin who refuse to blindly take money from future generations in order to fund the lifestyles of those who insist on receiving handouts. But Manchin is a rare breed today – even if he represents much of the American electorate who voted in Joe Biden into office.

On the other hand, there is a vocal, yet growing minority that openly uses the word socialist in order to describe their opinions on economic matters. Their leader is Bernie Sanders, but their average age is under 30. It is this growing group that is sowing discord in the Democrat Party. If things do not change, the fringe will not be a fringe much longer, and the Democrat Party will be overtaken by a group that can properly be labeled as Socialist in mindset. This is a big deal and should worry the moderates in the Party.

Even Donald Trump could retake the White House in 2024 if the Party allows themselves to be so radical as to elect the likes of AOC and The Squad into more important seats of power in Congress.

The likes of Bill Clinton and other moderate Democrats are losing ground fast. This is not good for the United States. But the radical Republicans who call Democrats Communists and use anti-semitic diatribes against the Jewish people are no better. The difference is that the Republican fringe is not growing – it is being drowned out. But the Democrat fringe is taking over the Party.


Col. Kemp

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