Radical Leftists Disrupt Yom Kippur Services In Tel Aviv

by Micha Gefen

Far left protestors decided to take their opposition to judicial reform one step further and violently disrupted a Yom Kippur service held in Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv.

What was their gripe? The radical leftists were upset that the Yom Kippur service had separate seating for men and women – something they said should remain outside of Tel Aviv. The protestors tore down the Israeli flags that made up a makeshift partition between men and women and forced the organizers to end the services.

The services eventually moved to a side street and were able to finish.

Prime Minister Netanyahu commented: “The people of Israel sought to unite on Yom Kippur by asking for forgiveness, repentance, and unity within us. To our astonishment, precisely in the Jewish state, on the holiest day for the Jewish people, left-wing demonstrators rioted against Jews during their prayer. It seems that there are no borders, no norms and no boundaries for hatred on the part of the extremists on the left. I, like the majority of Israeli citizens, reject this. Such violent behavior has no place among us.”

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