Police Shoot Muslim Terrorist on Stabbing Spree in Jerusalem that Seriously Injured Two with One Lucky Man Escaping Harm

by Avi Abelow

At about 6:20 AM on Friday morning, a 19-year-old Muslim terrorist walked into the Old City of Jerusalem through Damascus Gate and stabbed a 50-year-old Jewish man. He then ran away and stabbed a 16-year-old Jewish boy taking a look at his bike. Both were critically injured. Another Jewish man, right next to the bike stabbing, managed to run away and escape harm as the Israeli police then shot and killed the terrorist. The stabbing of the biker, the escape of the potential victim and the police shooting of the terrorist were all caught on camera.

Just the other day I was walking on this exact path in the Old City, and tomorrow, Jerusalem Day, tens of thousands of Jews will be walking there as we all celebrate the miraculous victory over the attacking Arab armies in 1967 and the liberation of Jerusalem from the illegal Jordanian occupation between 1948-1967.

The stabbing took place in what is today known as the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. But before the Jordanians expelled all the Jews from the Old City in 1948, many Jews used to live there as well.

The Injured

“Magen David Adom paramedics evacuated a man in his 50s in a very serious condition (from the Damascus Gate) to the Shaare Zedek Hospital and treated a lightly wounded victim at the Hurva Synagogue.” The man’s name is Gavriel Lavi and he is still on a respirator in a Jerusalem hospital.

The second victim, 16-year-old Yisrael Meir Nachumberg, was stabbed in his back as he was standing over his bike. He ran from the scene toward the Old City’s Hurva Synagogue, where he received assistance.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Nachumberg told reporters he was riding his bike through the Old City and stopped to examine the wheel when the terrorist lunged at him from behind.

“I thought he punched me,” he said.”And suddenly I saw a long knife full of blood.”

Luckily the man walking next to Nachumberg and his bike immediately realized that a stabbing was in process and he ran as fast as he could to escape the stabber who began to chase his as well. He ran away fast enough to get away as the police then shot and killed the stabber, stopping his stabbing spree.

Help the Ateret Cohanim Organization Secure the Whole of the Old City of Jerusalem for Eternity

It is an absolute disgrace that Muslim terrorists feel that they can commit terror acts against Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem. On top of this atrocity, the Muslim world also tries to stop Jews from purchasing property in the Old City of Jerusalem. This is an injustice that one organization is working hard to change, Ateret Cohanim. Click here to support this amazing organization. The more Jews who live in the Old City of Jerusalem the safer the place will be for all who live there.

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