Passover Songs That Are Sure To Pick Everyone Up!

by Phil Schneider

Passover has become the holiday that – more than any other holiday – has become synonymous with songs – especially within one’s family. Most families have their group of songs that they have sung in their homes each and every year growing up on Seder night – the first night of Passover. These songs bond generations and bring the message of freedom from slavery and focus on God in our lives to the forefront.

The importance of song in Jewish tradition and other traditions cannot be overestimated. The holiest days of the Year, Yom Kippur, The Jewish New Year, Passover, and other holidays are all filled with song. There is a different level in one’s heart and brain that song penetrates to. That is why song is so important. The Hassidic traditions are filled with song. Every Hassidic group has their own unique songs that they pass down from one generation to the next.

When analyzing stroke victims, experts noted that song often works more effectively than speech. This is because the process of speech and the process of song are via different directions in the brain. Some talented people who stutter can sing beautifully without a hitch. Even Alzheimers patients have been observed to respond in ways that are unexpected to song. Song simply penetrates in ways that are simply amazing. Let us take it in with song with genuine joy this and every Passover.

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