One of the Most Rare Discoveries found in a 2,700 Year Old Jerusalem Palace

by Leah Rosenberg

When you think of all the luxuries an ancient Jerusalem palace would have, this probably would never cross your mind as an “extra.”

Ancient Toilet in Ancient Jerusalem Palace

A 2,700 year old toilet? No way! Found in an ancient Jerusalem palace, these types of discoveries are rare. A toilet was not something common in ancient times. We take it for granted today – toilets are everywhere. No house or apartment is built without bathrooms.

But go back 2,700 years, and a toilet was a luxury. It was something reserved for those who were wealthy. It is hard to imagine it, but that’s the truth! And it is beyond fascinating that ancient toilets have been discovered in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, but very few of them have been found given the rarity of even having a toilet back then.

All these archaeological discoveries throughout the land of Israel shed light on the past and life back then. It sheds light on history and the truth. It is crucial that archaeologists keep digging throughout the land to discover more and more history from ancient Israel!

If the “Palestinians” controlled the entire state and land of Israel, these discoveries would never be made. They would be too afraid to dig up the past because they know the truth – and the truth goes against their narrative that the world so foolishly believes.

Thank G-d for the continued discoveries of ancient Israel! Thank G-d the truth keeps coming up from beneath the dirt! Just imagine how much more is waiting to be uncovered…

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