New Yorkers March Calling for Murder of Jews Right After Week of Terror in Israel 

by Leah Rosenberg

How can someone ever side with such hatred? Look at what is happening in New York after all the terror in Israel.

This is beyond sickening. This just proves how these people are true Jew-haters. Right after Israeli Arabs and “Palestinians” murdered 11 innocent people in just over a week in Beer Sheba, Hadera, and Bnei Brak/Ramat Gan, these New Yorkers took to the streets. To do what? Not to protest the murder of innocent people in Israel! But to call for genocide of Jews! To call for an intifada of Jews everywhere. Not even all the innocent lives taken were Jewish lives. The terrorists killed others as well.

When will people realize that none of this is about land? It’s not about peace. They don’t want to live peacefully with Jews. They want to MURDER Jews all over the world – in Israel and beyond. And the “Palestinians” and their supporters are not even trying to hide it. They are not even a little ashamed. Why else would people be okay marching through the streets of New York calling for the murder of an entire nation?

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