Left-Wing Reporter Gives Insane Response to Student’s Question about Hunter Biden

by Leah Rosenberg

What an insane response that the reporter gave to this university student. Of course she said this about the Hunter Biden case.

Reporter’s Absurd Response about Hunter Biden Case and Media

How can anyone trust the media when this is the response given by a Left-Wing reporter about the Hunter Biden case? The University of Chicago student asked an honest question. And he deserved an honest answer.

What a ridiculous answer this reporter gave. She should be embarrassed. Why does the Left need to whitewash everything? Why can’t they be honest and admit the truth? Does the reporter think she sounds intelligent and honest when she responds to a University student’s question this way?

People want answers. People want truth. And when the media and news reporters try to beat around the bush and ignore questions, people don’t trust them. After all, the answer here does not sound convincing. Anyone who is somewhat educated would not feel comfortable trusting this reporter…

Dr. Risch

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