Jewish acapella band created the perfect tune for a popular Shabbat song

by Chaya Cikk

This popular Jewish acapella band created this amazing tune for an awesome Shabbat song. Such an upbeat happy tune that you will be humming it and dancing for days to come.

Acapella Band

What’s this band? Well, it’s a band with no musical instruments. Every sound, which may sound like an instrument is actually someone’s voice! It is amazing the sounds you can make with one’s voice.


A few simple guys from the Yeshiva University in New York, in 2007 got together and formed the Maccabeats. They are now a phenomenon with over 20 million views across their YouTube videos. They have some awesome videos you should watch!

The Lyrics

This is a wonderful song that talks about redemption and the return of the Jewish People to the land of Israel. It is a plea to God to help Israel and destroy those who try to destroy them.

He will proclaim freedom for all his children
And will keep you as the apple of his eye
Pleasant is your name and will not be destroyed
Repose and rest on the Sabbath day.

Seek my sanctuary and my home.
Give me a sign of deliverance.
Plant a vine in my vineyard.
Look to my people, hear their laments.

Tread the wine-press in Bozrah,
And in Babylon that city of might
Crush my enemies in anger and fury.
On the day when I cry, hear my voice.

Plant, Oh God, in the mountain waste
Fir and acacia, myrtle and elm
Give those who teach and those who obey
Abundance peace, like the flow of a river.

Repel my enemies, Oh zealous God.
Fill their hearts with fear and despair.
Then we shall open our mouths,
And fill our tongues with Your praise.

Know wisdom, that your soul may live,
And it shall be a diadem for your brow.
Keep the commandment of your Holy One
Observe the Sabbath, your sacred day.

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