Jerusalem’s beauty from the eyes of a brilliant videographer. The results will amaze you.

by Phil Schneider

Jerusalem’s beauty is indescribable. It takes a truly talented videographer to try to capture its essence. It can be captured from so many angles. This unbelievable video collage brings the holiness and richness of this unique old/new city to light in a manner that will both inspire and enlighten. This is a work of art.

Jerusalem’s shops are amazing. They are both new and ancient. But it is the people that make the land come to life.

The People

When visitors visit the State of Israel, the first thing that makes an impression on them is the people.  Israel is a land with an abundance of tourist attractions.  It is a land with ski slopes in the North, vast desert areas in the South and a rich past everywhere else.

Often, the amazing miracle of the renewal of the State of Israel hits a deep chord among tourists.  For others, walking on 3,000 year old stones and literally feeling the Bible come alive is the most powerful aspect of a trip.

However, the one thing that every tourist will note is the warmth and genuineness of the Israeli population.

The people of Israel are in no way monolithic.  The Jewish people lived in so many different continents over two millennia of exile.  While struggling to hold onto their heritage, the Jewish people picked up a myriad of local customs and incorporated it into their Jewish lifestyles.

20th Century

Then came the 20th century.   More than any other century, in the last century, the Jewish people struggled to survive death, destruction, and a constant status as a refugee.  The Nazis killed millions and displaced a few more million.  Communist Russia ripped apart millions of Jews from their religion.  Jews in Arab Lands numbered millions – many of whom were chased out.

The State of Israel is built on this human salad of refugees, survivors, and idealists – all of whom have joined together to build a happy country in the Promised Land.  Does the happiness of this video do it justice?  Its at least a good try.

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