Israel’s Enemies Stopped in Their Tracks After Seeing This

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s enemies should think again before messing with the Jewish state. This is definitely not your average submarine.

A Message to Israel’s Enemies

Israel is advanced. Its technology is remarkable. The Israeli army is strong. The best part? Israel has G-d on its side. The Jewish people are G-d’s chosen people, and He won’t let them be destroyed from this world. They have been around for thousands of years, and despite many attempts to obliterate them, Israel’s enemies have never succeeded.

We must thank G-d everyday that Israel has become so advanced in so many areas – and in such a short amount of time. And we must pray that G-d continues to protect Israel and the Jewish people and give them what they need to defend themselves.

“Israel Aerospace Industries introduces our first unmanned autonomous submarine known as BlueWhale.

The BlueWhale submarine is designed for covert intelligence gathering operations, for submarine detection and acoustic intelligence gathering. It has completed thousands of hours of diving and autonomous missions with complete success.

It has a telescopic mast, on which mechanical and electro-optical systems for detecting targets at sea and on land are installed. It is equipped with unique sonar systems to detect manned and unmanned submarines as well as to map mines on the seabed.”

Israel’s enemies might want to think twice before attacking Israel. Israel will not surrender. Israel will not allow for its enemies to destroy the Jewish homeland. It’s time the world let the one and only Jewish state exist peacefully.

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