Israeli special needs band makes history on stage with President Trump

by Leah Rosenberg

This Israeli special needs band, called the Shalva Band, has been making history over and over again. And now, they got to sing on stage and meet Trump!

Talented Israeli Special Needs Band

The Shalva Band is unlike anything you have heard before. The talent of this Israeli special needs band is beyond words. The Shalva Band wowed everybody when they made their appearance on an Israeli reality TV contest. They continued to impress the world with different performances, including a special performance at Eurovision.

And now they are making history again!

On Stage with President Trump

This scene is amazing to see. President Trump asking the Shalva Band to come on stage to sing “God Bless America.” The band blew everyone away, including the president. Trump embraced them and applauded their talent. The whole thing was beautiful to watch and listen to.

The Bond Between Israel and the US

In addition to this moment being enjoyable to watch, it is also a scene that should make everyone who cares about the Israeli-US relationship proud. Even “small” examples like these show how strong the friendship is between the two countries. How often do you have the president of one country welcoming a special needs band to the stage from another country to sing a song like “God Bless America?”

You gotta love it!

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