Is the Most Pro-Israel Presidential Candidate Actually a Democrat?

by Phil Schneider

The Democrat Party, as of the last few decades, has largely become a rather anti-Israel party. But, there are exceptions. There are a few members of Congress from the Democrat Party that have made it a point to stand up to members of their own party who have come out clearly as anti-Israel.

“It’s the only place in the Middle East where women have rights.” “It’s the only place where you have freedom of religion.” Enough said. Robert Kennedy Jr. understands what goes on in Israel better than most people in America. He is actually wrong on a few issues. But he understands well that Israel is the only country that actually has true law, order, freedom, and rights of minorities.

This age-old liberal perspective should be completely pro-Israel. But Kennedy is the exception, not the rule. From where does Kennedy get his perspective from? The apple evidently has not fallen far from the tree. His Dad, Robert Kennedy, was raised in a family where Joe Kennedy was a rabid anti-Semite. But both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were different, especially Robvert Kennedy.

Robert, the Dad, actually travelled to Israel in the middle of Israel’s War of Independence, as a correspondent for a Boston newspaper. This was before Robert Kennedy entered politics as his brother’s right-hand man. From then onwards, Robert Kennedy broke with his father’s anti-Jewish and anti-Israel line. His son, clearly a student of history, gets it. Robert Kennedy was actually with his father at the beginning of the Six Day War and learned a crucial lesson about how tough and resilient the Jewish people in Israel are.

There are not two legitimate sides to the Israeli-Arab conflict. There is the right side and the wrong side. Robert Kennedy is on the side of truth and doesn’t buy in to the big lie.

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